Play To Progress is a new non-profit organization that using sports to engage disadvantaged Cambodian children and educating them about leadership and social issues. It is driven by the passion of a highly trained young Cambodian sports coach who is from the same disadvantaged background as the children Play To Progress aims to help. We particularly aim to reach children in rural areas of Cambodia where there are few or no opportunities for sports, and no other organizations providing these opportunities.


A world where play and progress are possible for all children.


Our mission is to use sports and play to help disadvantaged Cambodian kids overcome social challenges and thrive in the future

Welcome Our Founder

Play To Progress is the brainchild of Nara Tith, a 23 year old Cambodian who grew up with little education and few prospects in one of Phnom Penh’s slums. His life was changed by his passion for football and the support of NGOs, who helped him become a football coach. His mission is to pay them back for their help, by reaching other kids like him in communities around Cambodia. Although this project is being launched in 2018, its story began in March 2012 when a 17 year old Nara started working with philanthropist Sean Landau, coaching a handful of players with one ball and sticks for goals in the sandy remains of what used to be Boeung Kak Lake. Thanks in large to the generous support of...

Our Team

Play To Progress is a new non profit organisation using sports, play and games to engage disadvantaged Cambodian children, educate them.


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